about us

We don’t just design spaces, we design relationships.

Vipin Bakiwala Design Studio, a leading Architecture and Interior Design firm based in Jaipur India, was established by Ar. Vipin Bakiwala in 2006. We at Studio, constantly aim to experiment with spaces and materials by drawing inspirations from the Indian traditional concepts and international styles to create beautiful and connecting spaces. A team of impassioned architects, designers, artists and artisans etc. collectively drive the projects towards success.


featured projects

We design spaces that are in earnest dialog with the values we live by

A peek into the client’s persona and the comprehensive study of prevailing technologies & materials and principles of architecture guides us to create a design that resonates with his soul.

Vipin Bakiwala Design Studio


auspiciousness in entirety
Vipin Bakiwala Design Studio

City Heights Bistro

an exemplar of city amour
Vipin Bakiwala Design Studio

Siddham ENT Hospital

healing physically and spiritually
Vipin Bakiwala Design Studio

Sabha Kaksh

a thought-provoking conference space
Vipin Bakiwala Design Studio

Swadhyay Bhawan

a meditation hall
Vipin Bakiwala Design Studio

Radhika Jewels

classical jewelry boutique

product design

With an eye for detail, we create products which exhibit high standards of aesthetic and functional excellence

We design aesthetically pleasing products that fulfill the demands of the space and compliments it, creating a sense of grandeur and richness bringing it to life.

media mentions

We believe in valuing our recognitions

We are frequently being featured in many architecture and interior design magazines of high repute and we consider this recognition as a reward to our endeavor.

team member

A Royal Marriage of Art and Ornament

VMRD Magazine, December 2018
Page 26-30 | Read

Manifestation of bridal jewelry in a new light of glamour, elegance and composure

team member

Bridal Dreams

The Tiles of India Magazine, Sept-Oct 2018
Page 42-46 | Read

Capturing a bride's precious emotions as they unfold

team member

Infusing Elegance with Opulence

Design Source Magazine, Sept-Oct 2018
Page 32-37 | Read

An accomplished chorus of European and Traditional design elements

team member

CWAB Awards 2018

DNA, September 2018 |Read

'Most Noteworthy Project under Interiors-Retail Category' for project 'Radhika Jewels'


We believe in yielding unabridged experiences and timeless solutions

We are meticulously working in a hands-on way to customize solutions with our collaborators.

We collaborated with Sunividh Art Consultants in 2013. Headed by Ms. Nidhi Jain, Sunividh offers customized art works collaborating passionate artists, painters, sculptors and artisans.

Our alliance with Sunividh aims at providing customized solutions & creative consultancy on various art forms, sculptures, paintings and artifacts to our distinguished clientele.


We collaborated with Pezala Designs in 2016. Excelling in Turnkey Projects, Pezala Designs operates across building development value chain offering various design & build services.

They also manufacture and customize the furniture and other products that we design at VBDS. This collaboration focuses on translating a comprehensive and seamless experience to the client.


architect's message

Architecture is like music for a soul and each one should get the music he yearns for.

"The outer manifestations in space are reflections of the quality of our inner space and vice versa. As architects, it is our duty to create spaces which talk to us. We may call such spaces- ‘Soul Shelters’, a space where the one feels at their best self, where it remains in its innate nature; a space where soul encounters its own essence in an elevated way, and where it understands the delusiveness of carnal pleasures. The soul shelter constantly talks to its inhabitants and reminds them of who they really are."
- Ar. Vipin Bakiwala

Vipin, a graduate in Architecture has developed his own unique style and acuminated his skills in a wide spectrum of work ranging from architecture and Interiors to product design